Alex Fowler
Garden Rose Still Life with Blue Vase and Cyclamen Still Life with Blue Jug, Magnolia Branch and Uglow Catalogues
Purple Rosebud no.2 Camillas Flowers Orange Dahlias
Purple Rosebud no.2 Clementines in Tissue on a Paper Bag Card Table with Yellow Cloth
Lemon No 1 March Rose Lemon No 2
Camellia Interior with Quinces Andrew’s African Violets
Books on a table no.1 Three Bottles Books on a table no.2
Winter Rose The Oleander Pink Geraniums
Holly Peonies Oleander Flowers
Lemon on Blue Asparagus (no.2) Mouldy Lemon
Banana Spring Onions Three Pears
Asparagus (no.1) Clementines on a Paper Bag Lemons on a Blue Cloth
Still Life with Spring Onions Still Life with Glass of Milk Still Life with Lemons and Thistles
Large White Still Life Still Life with Mug Still Life with Jar
Still Life with Bottle Red Lemons Thunbergia
Still Life with Scarf and Dried Tulip Still Life with Checked Scarf William Morris Quince
Empty Paint Tubes An Amalfi Lemon Bears and Books
Bunny sitting on a pile of books Red Still Life Tiger Stripe
Two Quinces Teddy and Rabbit with Books Karn's Geranium and three lemons